For your convenience, our policies and most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: What is your cancelation policy? 

A: Being a local family owned business, we try to work with everyone on a case-by-case basis for cancelations. However, due to the smaller size of our facility, and being in a small town with limited lodging options, reservations are often made well in advance with few leaving it to chance. Because of this, cancelations can often leave precious rooms empty that could’ve been filled by others, especially in the summer and for special events.

So please be certain in your plans when booing a room and be considerate of others if there is an unforeseen change in plans to leave plenty of time for someone else to take advantage of the room.

Any modifications resulting in a reduction in your stay, or cancelations made within 48 hours of your stay, will be charged for a min of one night and up to two nights (if the room was reserved for two or more nights) if canceled for a period when that room type was already fully booked. Any no call / no show will be charged for the entire stay duration.

Q: What is your pet policy? 

A: We love pets, and welcome them onto the property. Not all of our rooms are pet friendly, so be sure to let us know when making your reservation, or select a pet friendly room (Courtyard Suites) when booking online.

If you do bring your pet along please be aware of the following:

  • Pets are allowed in select rooms and areas on the property, such as the outdoor patio, but are not allowed in non-pet friendly rooms, or in the dining room. Additionally, pets are not allowed on the beds, to use the blankets or duvets, or be allowed on the furniture. We will happily supply a doggie/kitty bed if requested.
  • Keep your pet leashed when outside of your room, as you never know if your pet will be welcomed by someone else or by their pet.
  • Pets shouldn’t be left unattended for any extended period of time. If you do decide to leave your pet behind for a little while, be certain they will happily nap, and not bark, chew, go to the bathroom, get on the furniture, or cause any other problems.
  • In the event you do need to leave your pet behind for an extended period of time, they should be kenneled and you will need to request our pet walking service be added to your bill for the day so we can take them out for you.
  • Please be considerate of the other guests, and if you know your pet can be a handful, for example not being able to control their barking, it’s probably best if you make other arrangements instead of bringing them along.
  • Be courteous and always pickup after your pet.

The following are potential extra charges should your pet misbehave:

  1. $10.00 extra charge for excessively dirty/hairy room.
  2. $10.00 extra charge for bathing your pet in the shower.
  3. $10.00 extra charge for pets sleeping on the bed or furniture.
  4. $10.00 extra charge for not picking up after your pet, or breaking leash policy.
  5. TBD extra charge, based on cost, for damages from chewing, scratching, etc.

Q: What time is Check-in and Checkout? 

A: Check-in is 3:00PM and Checkout is 11:00AM. Should you desire an early or late check-in/out, please contact us to make arrangements.

Q: Do you offer Green / 420 Rooms

A: We do offer a few select green rooms. Be sure to request this when making your reservation or add  this as a special request when booking online (Additionally, when making your reservation please book a courtyard suite). Please note, there is an additional cleaning fee associated with this option. Feel free to call with questions or for details.

Please be considerate of other guests, and only partake in your room with the door closed. No other guest or restaurant patron should be aware of your consumption- sight or smell.

NOTE: Cigarette smoke is not allowed in any of our rooms. There is a $250.00 fine for any violation of this policy. For those who smoke cigarettes please do so in the alley on the West side of the building.

Thank you for your respect and understanding regarding these policies. We want everyone to have an enjoyable stay, and have created these policies in an effort to maximize everyone’s equal enjoyment at the La Veta Inn. We look forward to having you.