For your convenience, our policies and most common customer questions are all right here. Have more questions? Please email or give us a call.


NOTE: By booking a room, checking in, or accepting your room key at the La Veta Inn, you are agreeing to the following posted policies and understand the related consequences/associated fees for not adhering to them. You are also authorizing the room charges along with any additional assessed fees to be charged to the credit card on file used for booking. Should you not agree with the policies, and decide not to stay, our cancellation policy will apply.

 COVID-19:   We take the cleanliness of the facility seriously and do our best to provide you with a clean and sanitary room. However, you understand and accept any risk associated with contracting COVID-19 or any other illness while on the property or in your room. In no way will the La Veta Inn, its employees, owners, or company be in any way held liable for any injury, sickness, medical expenses, bills, damages, etc.

PETS:   Not all room types are pet friendly. Pets, including therapy and emotional support animals, are only allowed in the Courtyard Suites w/ advance notice, maximum of 2. NO pets are allowed to stay in the main building- they are not allowed in: Historic rooms, Mountain Retreat, or Wahatoya Suite. All dogs will be kept on leash at all times while on the property for your safety and that of others. The La Veta Inn will not be held responsible for the actions of any pet.

SMOKING:   This is a smoke free facility. Please smoke at the tables out front close to the alley or in the alley on the side of the building.

CHECK-IN/OUT:    Check in time is 4:00PM, check out time is 11:00AM

CANCELLATIONS:    Any modifications resulting in a reduction in your stay or cancelations made within 7 days of your stay, will be charged for a min of one night and up to two nights (if the room was reserved for two or more nights) Any no call / no show will be charged for the entire stay duration. Special events are treated as non-refundable.

DAMAGE/MISSING ITEMS:    By choosing to stay with us, you accept any and all liability and responsibility for any damage done to the facility or its furniture/contents and any items taken from the room that you, any of your guests, or pets may cause. You are authorizing any such assessed charges, which can exceed the damage or item itself to include lost revenue from discounts, comped rooms, and/or non rentable rooms, to be run on the credit card used for booking. Should the card decline, you will be held responsible for reasonable attorney fees in collecting the debt.

SERVICE & LIABILITY:    Without discriminating on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation, we reserve the right to refuse service for the safety of our onsite staff and other guests. The La Veta Inn is not responsible for accidents or injury to guests, for any lost/missing items to include, money, jewelry, or valuables of any kind, or any item(s) left in the room.

WEAPONS:    No guns or other weapons are allowed on the premises for your safety and that of other guests.


 Early check in (3:00-4:00PM) and late check out (11:00-12:00): $10 each with prior approval when available, $20 will be added to the bill and charged to the credit card on file if unapproved

Pets: $50/pet/stay. You will be charged a $100 pet fee + a min $50 cleaning fee for staying in a non-pet friendly room: (Historic/Mountain Retreat/Wahatoya Suite). Excessive pet hair or barking while in the room: $15. Pets off leash will result in a $150 fee (we’re sorry but there are other pets and guests here).

Lost Key fee: $50, please remember to leave your room key in the drop box at the front desk when checking out

Smoking: Please remember this is a smoke free facility this includes pot and vaping, smoking in the rooms or in the facility is a min $150 cleaning fee, identified by sight or smell.

Q: What is your cancelation policy? 

A:  Due to the smaller size of our facility, and being in a small town with limited lodging options, reservations are often made well in advance with few leaving it to chance. Because of this, cancelations can often leave precious rooms empty that could’ve been filled by others, especially in the summer and for special events.

So please be certain in your plans when booing a room and be considerate of others if there is an unforeseen change in plans to leave plenty of time for someone else to take advantage of the room.

Any modifications resulting in a reduction in your stay or cancelations made within 7 days of your stay, will be charged for a min of one night and up to two nights (if the room was reserved for two or more nights) Any no call / no show will be charged for the entire stay duration.

When booking a room for a special event such as the, Stonewall Century Ride, Oktoberfest, Celtic fest, various retreats, weddings, etc.., our standard cancellation policy does not apply, to include the min. 7 day cancellation window. Assume that when you book for such events, even just one room, that it is a non-refundable booking. This is due to past problems with late cancellations leaving rooms empty as everyone has already made plans well before the 7 days.

Q: What time is Check-in and Checkout? 

A: Check-in is 4:00PM and Checkout is 11:00AM. Should you desire an early or late check-in/out, please contact us to make arrangements.

Q: Do you offer breakfast?

A: Due to COVID-19 not at this time.

Q: Is your restaurant and bar Agatha’s open?

A: Sorry, not at this time. Our focus has always been on the Hotel and providing the best night possible for our guests passing through. Because of our lack of expertise in food and beverage and being unable to secure suitable staff in the year we ran it, we decided to close it for the time being. We know it is missed and we will update our site if it reopens.

Q: Looking for information regarding ADA Service Animals, special requests, and accessibility:

Due to the age and historic nature of our property most of our rooms are located on the second floor. Should you have any special needs, requests, or accessibility concerns please contact us direct for your booking so that we can best serve you. We are always happy to assist in any way possible, such as carrying bags upstairs, or noting the need for a ground floor room. ADA service animals are always welcome in our rooms free of charge. Emotional Support and Therapy dogs are welcome in our Courtyard Suites subject to our standard pet policy, including our $50/pet stay fee. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Q: Do you offer Green / 420 Rooms

A: Not at this time.

NOTE: Smoking of any kind (including vape pens) is not allowed in any of our rooms. There is a $150.00 fine for any violation of this policy. For those who smoke cigarettes please do so in the alley on the West side of the building.

Thank you for your respect and understanding regarding these policies. We want everyone to have an enjoyable stay, and have created these policies in an effort to maximize everyone’s equal enjoyment at the La Veta Inn. We look forward to having you.